Method RC promotes good health for all of our retailers and consumers and that health essential part of the success of the Method RC brand.  Delivering the highest quality products to our customers with consistent business practices is of the utmost importance for the longevity of the brand and our customers. This is why all Method RC products utilize a MAP/RETAIL pricing model.

   What is MAP Pricing? MAP is Minimum Advertised Price. MAP supports consistent advertised pricing to all consumers, from all retailers, in any-and-all media types, including but not limited to:

  • Price on retailers’ website including prices shown in web store shopping cart.
  • 3rd party internet-based market places and auction sites (Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Yahoo Action, etc.)
  • Any type of print ads
  • Direct mailers, faxes, e-mail, newsletters, flyers
  • Any type of Internet advertising including web banners, price lists, forums and social media.

Policy Violation Examples

  • Retailers both online and brick and mortar which advertise products below the Minimum Advertised Price
  • Advertisement of a product with a strike-through or line through the price indicating a price lower than MAP (e.g., $49.99)
  • Internet auctions with an advertised price below MAP including reserve or “buy now” price

     This is a Minimum Advertised Price policy only and does not restrict, coerce or force a retailer to charge a set price for any Method RC product.

     Method RC reserves the right to modify or suspend this MAP policy in whole or part at its sole discretion. Only retailers that support and follow this policy will be eligible to purchase Method RC products. Violators of this MAP policy may be terminated without notice.

MAP policy only applies to USA retailers

Thank you,

Method RC