Shock Caps, Bladders and Pistons for all ECX 1:10 2wd Shocks

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     A notorious failure for ECX shocks are the stock plastic shock caps. Even the upgraded ECX Aluminum shocks come with plastic caps which continue to have failures. Our 6061 Billet Shock Caps give you and your rig reassurance by providing a much stronger solution to the overall shock build. They are a perfect fit for both stock plastic shock bodies and aftermarket aluminum bodies. We top off the shock cap package with a durable machined shock bushing, bladders and new hardware for a secure mounting solution. 

- 6061 Aluminum
- Nickel Plated Shock Bushings
- Silicone Bladders
- All necessary hardware

What's Included:
4 - Shock Caps
4 - Bladders
4 - Shock Bushings
4 - Washers
4 - Screws