Diez Squared 1.9" Beadlock Wheel for 12mm Hex Scale Crawlers (2pcs)

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Introducing our 10 spoke design naturally called, Diez Squared. The spoke design wheels goes back to the early invention of the automobile and even prior to covered wagons. Funny how some things never go obsolete, rather than, they just evolve. 

The evolution in design coupled with a beadlock and an internal captured weight by the beadlock, bring the wheel into the 21st century. An interchangeable hub allows for different offset options based on your desired needs and specific track width (this is still in development).


  • Beadlock design captures the bead of the tire with 12 cap head screws. 
  • Made from high strength 6061 Aluminum. 
  • Available in two colors: Silver/Black or Grey/Black
  • 12mm hex design fits a variety or scale crawlers
  • Adaptable hub design. More hub offsets available in the future.

Bead Diameter: 1.9"
Width: 26.6mm
Center Bore: 6.8mm
Back Spacing: +7.5mm
Front Spacing: 19mm
Offset: TBD
Total weight of wheel: TBD

What's Included:
- Diez Squared Wheels x 2
- Beadlocks
- Hubs
- All wheel hardware