Aluminum / Steel Adjustable Turnbuckles Set for Traxxas 1:10 Slash (2wd / 4x4), Rustler, Stampede 4x4 (All)

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    Made from 6061 aluminum combined with a nickel plated turnbuckle, our fully adjustable turnbuckles for your Traxxas 1:10 Slash 4x4 increase strength, add adjustability to achieve desired camber and toe in for your particular needs while adding a nice bling factor to your rig. Available in anodized blue or red, they come complete with a jam nut for securing rod ends in place.

- Rod Ends made from 6061 Aluminum
     - Increased strength over stock rod ends.
- Tie Rod made from Nickle Plated Steel
- Anodized Link Ends
     - Adds color to your rig.
     - Available in two colors.
- Increase Strength over Stock Tie Rods
- Fully Adjustable to tailor to your driving needs.
- Simple installation

What's Included:
2 - Adjustable Turnbuckles for Front Camber
2 - Adjustable Turnbuckles for Rear Camber
2 - Adjustable Turnbuckles for Steering
1 - Adjustable Drag Link